What Our Students and Their Families Say About Us

**New**    “Master Bob’s Throwing Star Seminar was Amazing! Learned how to Hold, Aim and Throw Stars. I know have over 20 Throwing Stars for practice at home and how to set up a safe target. Looking forward for more Events!” –  Master Wally S.

“After one year in karate, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in our son’s coordination and concentration. This has helped him in all sports.”  –  Dr. & Mrs. Carlos Ruiz

“What I like most about Villari’s Martial Arts Centers of Lake Forest is not just that you learn, but how you learn it. I’ve been to other dojos but this is the first that explained why I should kick like this and punch like that, not just how. That extra information really helps.”  –  Justin King

“For the past nine months, I have participated in your martial arts health and fitness programs. I researched other studios and found yours to be the best for myself and my son, Shane. I live in Orange and could easily have found another studio closer to home. The material being offered by your studio is exciting and challenging. The atmosphere created at the studio is both cheerful and friendly. The fitness program you offer teaches mental as well as physical conditioning. I strongly recommend your fitness program to people of all ages.”  –  Roger J. Nielsen

“I looked at 6 or 7 different karate studios and talked to different people on several occasions concerning karate lessons for my daughter. In the majority of places they were only interested in money and their programs were not personalized. The programs were too regimented. In the Villari’s program they are personalized.

Also the most important part is that the instructors adapt to the learning skills of each student. The program in my feeling is the best I have ever seen, anywhere. The private lessons that are offered by Villari’s are exuberant. The student comes out of the lesson learning something and most of all they show confidence in their skills.”  –  Jim Figlo

“Through this program my son has learned confidence in defending himself, the ability to meditate as well as becoming more physically fit. I would recommend this program for anyone.”  –  Carol Todd

“When I joined Villari’s Martial Arts Centers in February, my intention was to get a break from the gym routine. I found the level of exercise to be far more intense.

Along with this excellent exercise, I am learning self defense, self control and self motivation from my instructor Master Bombalier. I would recommend this program to men and women of all ages.”  –  Gordon Carr Jr.

“Martial Arts has helped my son Sean to develop discipline while gaining self confidence. He has learned to set personal goals and mark his progress. At six years of age he is gaining valuable personal skills while becoming more physically fit.”  –  Dave Arnold


“Being the single parent of an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) child, I was highly concerned about finding a sport activity that would help Zachary throughout his whole life.

When I first started Zachary up for karate, I went to the Fred Villari Studios in El Toro. I had heard from a friend that they were very reputable. We were with that studio for only a few weeks, but I wasn’t happy with them. The instructor did not have the patience nor concern for teaching children, especially my six year old who had a very difficult time paying attention.

I then inquired at the Villari Studios at Los Alisos & Trabuco. You were very understanding and allowed us to transfer to your studio. I was never sorry that we changed studios and was quite happy with your patience with my son. You seemed to be able to handle his inattention and impulsiveness and were still able to teach him.

We only stayed with your studios until Zachary received his yellow belt. I knew, though, that we would definitely return at a later time.

When the time came to return to karate, Zachary was eight years old. I went through extensive research to find you again, since the old studio had relocated.

Fortunately, one person at another studio had an idea where I could locate you. I did not want to have another instructor as I knew you had gained my son’s respect and would be able to teach him.

Since we rejoined in April of 1992, my son has obtained his purple belt. But moreover, I have seen a tremendous amount of pride build in him. For a child who has difficulty paying attention, karate has been a tremendous help in learning the skills of concentration, self control and following directions.

I can say nothing but outstanding comments about your teaching of younger children. You have the patience, yet still command the respect needed in this self control sport.

My son’s goal is to someday achieve his black belt and I truly hope he will. It has been a strong influence in his life and I want it to continue.

Thank you, Bob, for helping my son achieve something that I had thought was impossible.”  –  Joanne Kuhner


“When I originally enrolled at your studio, my expectations were primarily that of a good workout and increased concentration. This was 7 or 8 months ago and my expectations have been met. In addition to this, I have made new friends, at times “stretched” myself past the point of where I thought I could and the amazing and sometimes overwhelming world of Martial Arts is becoming part of my daily life.

I would like to thank you for your unending patience, your knowledge of Martial Arts and your sincere desire to make a difference.

Thanks again and I’ll see you at our studio.

Your friend and student”  –  Jack McElvein




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