Kids and Juniors (Ages 4 to 16)

Focus, discipline, character development

Check out the Kids schedule here, and the Juniors here.

We offer classes for kids of all ages from as young as 4 all the way up to 16.

Our Kids programs are for younger kids, ages 4 through 9.  Our Juniors programs are for kids ages 10 through 16.  Students aged 17 and over can enroll in our Adult programs.

Our specialized curriculum imparts philosophies and values that build your child’s self-image, self-awareness, and self-confidence.  We emphasize defensive abilities, rather than aggressive tendencies.  Your children will progress at their own pace, competing against themselves, not others.  We also make sure that each student receives personal attention and direction, even in group classes.

karate girl martial arts teacher
Teacher-student connection

The benefits of our Villari’s Kids programs are valuable in their formative years:

  • Improved concentration and focus, which contribute to better learning and achievement in school
  • Discipline and self-control that result in a sense of responsibility and better overall behavior


We consistently reinforce the Villari’s school principles: Effort, Etiquette, Character, Sincerity, and Self-Control.

masterb bow wit kidsAs students progress through the curriculum, they will earn colored belts and awards. Unlike many schools, our program is designed such that children set achievable goals in their lives at the dojo, in school and at home, where they can make regular and meaningful progress.

Our proven curriculum will help your child develop balance, coordination, strength,  self-control, respect, and self-discipline, all while your child is having fun in a safe,  positive environment.

Other fun and exciting programs that are very popular with kids and a welcome respite for parents include karate birthday parties and sleepovers (check out our Events page for the next Ninja Nite).