We have 2 new starting times for our next
12 WEEK Qigong course

Saturdays      Starting July 2nd       OR       Mondays      Starting July 8th
———–         8 AM – 9 AM                                               7 PM – 8 PM

Master Bombalier Qigong Pose

Master Bombalier Qigong Pose

Qigong literally means life-force cultivation, referring to the energy coursing through our bodies and minds, and the importance of maintaining balance and therefore good health.

Qigong is a valuable body of knowledge developed over centuries of methodical observation and practice that places the ability of self-healing in our hands. Qigong can help us know more about our bodies and minds. It also shows us how we can help our body strengthen itself and achieve balance through breathing exercises and gentle but focused movements.

Master Bombalier with Student
Master Bombalier with Student

Our master instructor at the studio is also a certified Master of Chinese Medical Qigong, which is the harnessing, cultivating and applying of one’s life-force or energy with the aim of achieving balance. Master Bombalier has helped adults and young adults deal with a wide-range of issues relating to cancer, chemotherapy, emotional trauma, pain management, scoliosis, addiction, depression and co-dependency. He offers:

  • Ongoing weekly Qigong instruction on and off site
  • Chinese Medical Qigong Treatments on and off site
  • Chinese Medical Qigong Certification (Practitioner, Therapist, and Master of Medical Qigong)
  • Guided meditation sessions as requested