Adults (Ages 17 and Up)

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Adults train in 60-minute classes. Physical fitness and self defense capability are the focus of this program. Hand strikes, kicking skills, felling techniques and grappling skills will help develop a well rounded martial artist. Instructors create an atmosphere that is both positive and fun.

The Villari’s regimen develops self-awareness, self-assurance, and self-confidence.

You don’t need any special physical prowess . . . Just Enthusiasm and Commitment!

IMG_0785-001Our instructors work with you individually as your personal coaches, trainers, and mentors to help you develop:

Increased energy level
Improved muscle tone and appearance
Relief from stress and strain
An increase in strength and endurance
Greater flexibility
Knowledge, skills, and techniques to protect yourself and your family

A great way to manage your health, increase confidence and relieve stress!