Villari’s Martial Arts

Welcome of Villari's Orange County

Villari’s Martial Arts has been at the forefront of the martial arts world since 1968. Just as the arts are designed to serve the people, so Villari’s Martial Arts serves its clients with the latest and best in training.

Master Bombalier has been teaching online, at businesses and in clients homes for a number of years, and this has only gained more momentum with the change in society and people’s work schedule.

For those that want to learn in the luxury and comfort of their home, we come to you or you can also take advantage of our online (live streaming) individual instruction.

Some individuals are overwhelmed at work and need a mental gear shift so that they can tackle the next part of their day. Master Bombalier will come to your business and provide high quality instruction either individually or in group sessions.

For those that live far away or want to continue their training, but work has taken you on a trip, we offer online instruction. A one-on-one lesson, just as if you were being taught in person: Answering your questions, teaching you new material, adjusting your technique in real time.

 You took the right step by visiting our website, now let us guide you to your next step on your exciting adventure!

  • For Martial Arts: We teach the discipline of  Shaolin Kempo Karate. A practical self defense that you and your family can pursue at your own pace.

For Wellness Programs: We offer  T’ai Chi and Chinese Medical Qigong lessons.

For Women: Learn defensive techniques against threats of physical violence. We will tailor a Self Defense program to fit your needs.


The most important part is that the instructors adapt to the learning skills of each student. The program in my feeling is the best I have ever seen, anywhere. The private lessons that are offered by Villari’s are exuberant. The student comes out of the lesson learning something and most of all they show confidence in their skills.”  –  Jim Figlo

Along with this excellent exercise, I am learning self defense, self control and self motivation from my instructor Master Bombalier. I would recommend this program to men and women of all ages.”  –  Gordon Carr Jr.

I started training with Master Robert Bombalier in 2006. It started with a session every six months or so then evolved to qigong and martial arts training three times per week. His knowledge and experience is matched by very few in the world. He has a friendly, laid back demeanor that makes all feel at ease and welcome. With a delivery that is almost as entertaining as it is informative, lessons are thought provoking, rewarding, humbling, full of laughs, insightful, and there is an openness to share, teach, and help not found in many dojos. The lessons learned through training with Master Bombalier have enabled me to reach many of my goals (in the dojo, in business, and in life), have made me a better instructor, and have kept me motivated to continue forward. Whether you are looking for a martial arts instructor, qigong instructor/ doctor, a business or life mentor, or are just looking for a fun place for your child to learn karate and some discipline, I cannot recommend Master Bombalier at Villari’s Martial Arts anymore highly! – Nathan Sumner