12 Reasons to Study Martial Arts (#12 – Aug 2016)

Reason #12: Martial arts affects every part of your being. Body, mind, emotions, your spirit.

For your body – it makes you stronger, more fit, more agile, more flexible, etc.

For your mind – it makes you more calm and focused. It allows you to pause and consider (because your creative inner mind gets accessed) so you can make more successful choices.

For your emotions – it creates the feel-good sensation because you start having goals and once you have achieved them, you earn the right to pat yourself on your back for a job well done, but remember there is that next goal, and so the negative emotions have a place to go (into the bags) and the positive emotions can now be expressed and experienced.

For your spirit – it sets you apart from many others. You have multiple goals. Each step taking you closer to an even bigger goal. Each goal being achieved takes you to abilities and experiences that you may have only imagined. As your spirit strengthens, it threads a lifeline through and around your emotions, mind, and body. It helps to make you ONE and WHOLE.

Martial Arts is the ultimate mind, body, emotion, and spirit connection.

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