Villari’s Martial Arts

Villari’s Martial Arts Centers has been in the Orange County area since the early 1980s. Master Bombalier and his staff instructors have been educating individuals of all ages in Dojos (professional martial arts training facilities).  Villari’s has had significant positive influence on many communities not just in Orange County, but throughout the United States since it was first established in 1968. Villari’s schools now span across the US and Canada.

Jedi leads Sith Lord to the light side
A resident Jedi leads a young Sith Lord to the light side

We are fortunate to have students come from all walks of life and experience: members of the military, police, local and federal agencies, educators, professionals, stay at home parents, entrepreneurs, career martial artists and many more. This is a wonderful bonus to everyone, because we all learn from one another in the dojo and many make lifelong connections.  In fact, we have actual Jedis in attendance, and even the occasional Sith Lord makes an appearance.

Our Black Belts

As a martial artist, one never stops learning – lifelong learning is more than just a phrase, it is a fact for us! Get to know our staff/student instructors, a few with decades of experience, and all with the same passion to learn and teach.

First up is the Master Instructor and also owner: Master Robert Bombalier, who is California-born and raised, but considers himself a citizen of the universe.

Master Bob
Master Robert Bombalier

Master Robert Bombalier has been studying Martial Arts for over 42 years and has taught for over 32 years. He is one of the youngest individuals to have achieved a Black Belt in the Villari system and also the youngest in the history of Villari studios to earn the title/rank of “Master”. Master Bombalier, 10th Degree Black Belt, is one of the seven recognized authorities in Shaolin Kempo Karate (“the Seven Dragons”). He attributes his achievements to the direct tutelage of Great Grand Master Frederick J. Villari, founder of the Shaolin Kempo Karate system.

Master Bombalier’s specialized areas include Grappling, Pressure Points, T’ai Chi, all Weapons, and Breaking. Master Bombalier is also a China-certified Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Medicine and Doctor of Chinese Medical Qigong. You can learn more about this by visiting

Master Bombalier offers tours to China and and the Shaolin Temple. This is a fantastic adventure where you have an opportunity to visit many wonderful parts of China and of course, immerse yourself in training with the Shaolin Monks at the world famous Shaolin Temple. To learn more click the link.

Next up – as part of the long-standing tradition of martial arts families, there are those who never stop learning their craft and passing down their wisdom and expertise to others who seek to learn. In our Lake Forest location, we are honored to have these outstanding individuals who mentor and guide others with dedication:

Disciple Harv Pulford
Master Harv Pulford

Master Harv Pulford, 5th Degree Black Belt, is living proof that age can be just a number and not an obstacle to your dream. Master Pulford first attained his Black Belt rank in his 50s and continues to teach, learn and inspire others to this day. A steadfast believer in lifelong learning, Master Pulford has been an engineer, attorney and amateur historian, and is a dad of two. His wife Cathy and son Stan are also Black Belts who trained under Master Bombalier.


Mr. Chris Luzader 

Mr. Chris Luzader


 Mr. Chris Luzader, 4th Degree Black Belt, has been studying Martial Arts for over 27 years and has taught for 17 years. As a seasoned veteran of the United States Army and the United States Marines, Mr. Luzader is highly qualified at training others in protecting themselves against potential attackers. As a father of three, he takes great pride in teaching his own alongside others’ children.

Mr. Michael McClellan
  Mr. Michael McClellan

Mr. Michael McClellan, 2nd Degree Black Belt, has been studying Martial Arts with Master Bombalier since he was a young child. Now in his teens, Mr. McClellan continues to shine as an exemplary role model both in the dojo and in life – he earned his Eagle Scout recently and is now off to college.


Mr. Carranza

Mr. Carranza

Mr. Carlos Carranza, a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and a 6th Degree Black Belt in Isshin-Ryu is new to our ultra-sunny southern Callifornia weather. Mr. Carranza comes in multiple times a week and is a human sponge for new information. He has a fantastic teaching personality and happy to give a workout that will leave you sweating.


In our satellite location in Fountain Valley:

Master Lou Romano
Master Lou Romano

Master Lou Romano, 6th Degree Master Black Belt, has been studying Martial Arts for over 20 years and has taught for 6. Master Romano is a seasoned fighter and enjoys working with both adults and children, especially now that his young son is also a student. Master Romano also happens to be one of our leading instructors in the use of the Chinese Broadsword.

Master Romano teaches at the Fountain Valley facility.


In our affiliate location in San Juan Capistrano:

Master Adam Zax
Master Adam Zax

Master Adam Zax, 6th Degree Master Black Belt, has been studying Martial Arts for over 30 years and opened his own school in 2007. Master Zax is a seasoned martial arts technician. He passes this knowledge down to his students and it really shows in his students that test for black belt. Master Zax’s 2 daughters are both accomplished black belts. They spent most of their learning with Master Bombalier and most recently (when they are not in college) with Master Zax.

Master Zax teaches at his facility in San Juan Capistrano.


The Founder of the Shaolin Kempo Karate system

Great Grand Master Villari

Great Grand Master Villari’s legacy in the martial arts world began when he opened his first school in 1968.  He has since then been internationally recognized and respected as a leading pioneer in the world of martial arts, having founded the Shaolin Kempo Karate system – an innovative approach that combines Japanese martial arts with Chinese martial arts and Western boxing.

As the founder and mentor of North America’s largest network of martial arts studios, Great Grand Master Villari has been instrumental in helping over 15,000 individuals achieve the rank of Black Belt and in sharing the art with well over 15 million students worldwide.  This is a far cry from the days when Grandmaster Villari taught two students at seven in the morning in a walk-up studio in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Great Grand Master Villari realized, because of his varied wealth of experience and his dedication in seeking the ultimate fighting system, each method offered something unique, and each also had its glaring weaknesses that could make a fighter vulnerable. Great Grand Master Villari concluded that there really were only four ways of fighting:

  1. With your hands (punching, striking – open or closed hand) or use of any part of the arms, elbows, forearms, etc.
  2. Kicking (with foot, leg, knee, shin)
  3. Felling – that is to knock an opponent off his feet by throwing, tripping, pulling, pushing, shoving, or scooping him
  4. Grappling – by either wrestling, holding, breaking, locking bones or joints against nerve centers

Great Grand Master Villari still remains one of the most sought-after Master and modern-day pioneers of the martial arts in the world.