Villari’s Martial Arts


Although we realize nobody can please everybody all the time, we do strive to help our clients accomplish and exceed their goals.

Thank you for the kind words and we will continue to strive to bring you the best in your martial arts journey. –  Master Bombalier

Master Robert is an incredibly knowledgeable and talented instructor. He takes his time with his students and always makes time to listen and address any questions or concerns. He also has the rare ability to adjust each student’s training as necessary to best suit their physical abilities in order to enable students, whether it’s for a child or an adult, to reach their full potential. He is by far one if the best instructors I have encountered in over 25 years of training. I very highly recommend him as an instructor whether you are a beginner or are looking to advance your current skills. You cannot go wrong with training at Villari’s Martial Arts And Well-Being. – C. Carranza

I felt very at ease and that the instructor was paying attention to my progress. Everything was about ME. Highly recommend this place. Master Bombalier is an excellent instructor…one of the best I ever had. – D. Leong

This is a fantastic place! My son has been going to them for 4+ months now. I’m very glad we found this place. Master Bob and his team are great. Also, its not only about Karate – Master Bob encourages overall development, team playing and exercise. They have team games towards the end of the class and competitive challenges which push your kid gently to the next level. There’s always something new and exciting going on here. – Gayathri S.

My son has been taking classes at Villari’s for a year and a half.  It has boosted his self confidence, and he is a different kid than when he started.  I am so appreciative of the entire staff at Villari’s OC!  Master Bob runs a great program while still keeping a since of humor and remembering that he is working with kids!

Thanks Villari’s! – Rachael W.

“After one year in karate, we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in our son’s coordination and concentration. This has helped him in all sports.”  –  Dr. & Mrs. Carlos Ruiz

“For the past nine months, I have participated in your martial arts health and fitness programs. I researched other studios and found yours to be the best for myself and my son, Shane. I live in Orange and could easily have found another studio closer to home. The material being offered by your studio is exciting and challenging. The atmosphere created at the studio is both cheerful and friendly. The fitness program you offer teaches mental as well as physical conditioning. I strongly recommend your fitness program to people of all ages.”  –  Roger J. Nielsen

The most important part is that the instructors adapt to the learning skills of each student. The program in my feeling is the best I have ever seen, anywhere. The private lessons that are offered by Villari’s are exuberant. The student comes out of the lesson learning something and most of all they show confidence in their skills.”  –  Jim Figlo

Along with this excellent exercise, I am learning self defense, self control and self motivation from my instructor Master Bombalier. I would recommend this program to men and women of all ages.”  –  Gordon Carr Jr.

Master Bob presents practical, useful information clearly. He is interested in his students and handles all levels. I have studied with him for twenty years through all my ranks. – H. Pulford

I love Villari’s. I have been taking classes there for 3 months and it’s been great. I always wanted to try martial arts, but was too nervous about being a grown up, and a girl, and having no idea what I was doing. It’s a great environment and my only regret is not signing up sooner! – E. Partland

A great place to learn and experience the Martial Arts.  I have been a long time student of the Martial Arts for over 25 years. I have found that the Fred Villari System of Shaolin Kempo Karate to be the most comprehensive and effective “style” of Martial Arts available. The system allows the student of any age and size, to develop and apply their personal strengths toward what ever goals they hope to achieve, whether they be physical,mental or spiritual.  I have been a student of Master Bombalier’s off and on for over 15 years. I have trained at many other martial arts studios and with many other instructors all over southern California. I have to say that  by far this place is the best. I have traveled to China with Master Robert Bombalier on one of his amazing  training “Shaolin Tours”. Master Bombalier arranged an exclusive opportunity to train with the famed Shaolin Monks for a week! He was there every step of the way. 

After being in the same shopping center in Mission Viejo for as long as I can remember… it finally came time for a long overdue expansion.  With the class sizes growing, specialty seminars, competitions and unique training courses offered, it was time to move. Still very close to the original location, it was a very convenient relocation. 

Master Robert Bombalier truly has a passion for teaching and personally oversees all the instruction. He is an 8th Degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kempo Karate and a trusted friend of Grandmaster Villari. Master Bombalier has earned the unique appointment of being named one of the “Seven Dragons” in the Villari System. This means he shares the honor and responsibility of passing on the knowledge taught directly to him by Grandmaster Fred Villari himself.

Not only can I speak from my personal experiences, but I have personally witnessed hundreds of fortunate students over the years set and attain their personal goals. Young children having a ton of fun while they learn the fundamentals and developing their gross motor skills, grade school kids becoming Bully Proof through training and education, awkward teens evolving into strong and confident role models and adults of all ages regaining  and preserving their youth by not only developing their bodies but their minds as well.

Any one who is fortunate enough to stop in will be met with a smile and a warm “MORNING” greeting (no matter what time of day it is) from Master Bombalier. – P. Benavidez

“Martial Arts has helped my son Sean to develop discipline while gaining self confidence. He has learned to set personal goals and mark his progress. At six years of age he is gaining valuable personal skills while becoming more physically fit.”  –  Dave Arnold

I started training with Master Robert Bombalier in 2006. It started with a session every six months or so then evolved to qigong and martial arts training three times per week. His knowledge and experience is matched by very few in the world. He has a friendly, laid back demeanor that makes all feel at ease and welcome. With a delivery that is almost as entertaining as it is informative, lessons are thought provoking, rewarding, humbling, full of laughs, insightful, and there is an openness to share, teach, and help not found in many dojos. The lessons learned through training with Master Bombalier have enabled me to reach many of my goals (in the dojo, in business, and in life), have made me a better instructor, and have kept me motivated to continue forward. Whether you are looking for a martial arts instructor, qigong instructor/ doctor, a business or life mentor, or are just looking for a fun place for your child to learn karate and some discipline, I cannot recommend Master Bombalier at Villari’s Martial Arts and Well-Being anymore highly! – N. Sumner

Master Bombalier has a vast and diverse knowledge base that allows for exploration of many facets of martial arts. As a 30+ year martial arts practitioner of various martial arts I was very pleased to find someone to help in my continued growth. – N. Catlett

My almost 5 year old is loving karate! They are amazing and supportive. Started here with a Groupon and will be continuing with twice a week lessons. Highly recommend this place!! – Autumn M.

“Master Bob’s Throwing Star Seminar was Amazing! Learned how to Hold, Aim and Throw Stars. I know have over 20 Throwing Stars for practice at home and how to set up a safe target. Looking forward for more Events!” –  Master W. Skelton

“What I like most about Villari’s Martial Arts Centers of Lake Forest is not just that you learn, but how you learn it. I’ve been to other dojos but this is the first that explained why I should kick like this and punch like that, not just how. That extra information really helps.”  –  Justin King

“I looked at 6 or 7 different karate studios and talked to different people on several occasions concerning karate lessons for my daughter. In the majority of places they were only interested in money and their programs were not personalized. The programs were too regimented. In the Villari’s program they are personalized. – R. Romano

“Through this program my son has learned confidence in defending himself, the ability to meditate as well as becoming more physically fit. I would recommend this program for anyone.”  –  Carol Todd

“Being the single parent of an ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) child, I was highly concerned about finding a sport activity that would help Zachary throughout his whole life.

When I first started Zachary up for karate, we were with that studio for only a few weeks, I wasn’t happy with them. The instructor did not have the patience nor concern for teaching children, especially my six year old who had a very difficult time paying attention.

I then inquired at Villari Studios. You were very understanding and allowed us to transfer to your studio. I was never sorry that we changed studios and was quite happy with your patience with my son. You seemed to be able to handle his inattention and impulsiveness and were still able to teach him.

We only stayed with your studios until Zachary received his yellow belt. I knew, though, that we would definitely return at a later time.

When the time came to return to karate, Zachary was eight years old. I went through extensive research to find you again, since the old studio had relocated.

Fortunately, one person at another studio had an idea where I could locate you. I did not want to have another instructor as I knew you had gained my son’s respect and would be able to teach him. –  J. Kuhner